The Artificial Grass Company

Formerly Lushes Lawn, The Artificial Grass Company is a leading synthetic grass brand. It will transform your garden, playground, sports facility, balcony, rooftop, poolside or interior into beautiful, low-maintenance areas that you can enjoy all year round.

The Artificial Grass Company is a perfect solution for the home and creates a smooth flow from the living area right through to your pool deck. We has the largest selection of synthetic grass to suite just about any surface imaginable, coupled with industry leading installation team. Complete the contact and get in touch with one of our experienced sales staff that will get you sorted faster than you can say LAWN.



As our name suggest we are all about artificial grass products and service. We provide an holistic service to residents, corporates and schools around Cape Town. Follow the steps to get a quick quote or book a site visit.

We never compromise on quality. Whether you are looking for a cheap fake grass installation in a small front garden, or a large fake grass offering a year-round space ideal for pets and children to play – The Artificial Grass Company got you covered!

Step 1

Choose your artificial grass type from our large selection.

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Choose the installation type that suites your needs.

Step 3

Choose any accessories that you may require to.

Step 4

Using Step 1 – 3 information complete the contact form.


Up to 8 Years Warranty

With more than five years of experience transforming outdoor and indoor spaces around the Cape. From design to installation, customers are assured of the highest quality product and service when choosing fake garden solutions for their home or business. Both our Lushes Range & our Emporer Range landscaped gardens are incredibly realistic and versatile. Our products are tough, durable, safe, and fully covered by our Up to 8 Years on selected ranges!


Artificial grass is becoming ever popular amongst the Cape Town population due to its low maintenance, its realistic look and its forever green appeal. These are some of the frequently asked questions about artificial grass that we are often asked. Click on the button below to view all the FAQ’s.

How do i measure my garden?
Take measurements across the longest and widest points of your area. You will then need to round these measurements up to the nearest metre. Then multiply the width by the length and this will give you your square meterage requirement.
Does artificial grass fade?
No, not at all. It is fully UV protected, so it retains its lovely lush, green colour and we offer 8-year warranty against fading. Perfect for the harsh South African climate.
How long does it take to install
A 50 square metre garden can be laid in a single day.

Our Artificial Grass Collections

The Lushes Collection

Dr Seuss & Friends wall art stickers, decals or wall tattoos. Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Tin-Tin and lots more to choose from. Stunning in kids rooms or playrooms. All our vinyl wall art can be used in schools and libraries, cost effective way to decorate walls without any damage and easy to apply.

The Emporer Collection

Dr Seuss & Friends wall art stickers, decals or wall tattoos. Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Tin-Tin and lots more to choose from. Stunning in kids rooms or playrooms. All our vinyl wall art can be used in schools and libraries, cost effective way to decorate walls without any damage and easy to apply.



Give a great first impression of your home with a year-round lushes green, professionally installed artificial grass in your front garden. Synthetic Grass has little to no maintenance at all, meaning you don’t have to use up your valuable time trying to maintain this highly visible – yet rarely used section of your property.

When we say little to no maintenance we mean that. No more mowing, weeding or watering (especially during the Cape Town Drought) and best of all it stays green in all weathers and enhances even the smallest or shadiest area of your property. Once our fake grass is installed in your front garden, you’ll have more time for priorities in the home.


More people around the Cape are opting for the low maintenance, all-weather solution synthetic grass offers to their garden. Mud, mess, moving, watering and even weeding can now be a thing of the past.

The Artificial Grass Company has searched high and low and uncovered the lasted developments in technology which means there’s no compromise on the lush green natural look all our products has to offer. We have a large range of incredibly realistic designs to choose from. Strong and durable, artificial lawn offers a year-round surface perfect for children and pets to run and play on. It is extremely versatile in terms of application and can enhance small, shady areas where natural lawn struggles to thrive or grow at all, and that is the fake grass difference.


We strive to be the leading supplier and installer of fake grass Cape Town, thus far we have come second to none in terms of customer service and ability to adapt from large projects to smaller roof tops or balconies.

Our unique adaptability makes our product perfect for bringing any size or shape of balcony or terrace to life. A touch of greenery will provide you with an outdoor setting perfect to relax and entertain, no matter how high up or built up the area you live. Our experienced consultants can also offer advice on low maintenance pots and plants so you can create your own unique private garden, where you can sit and enjoy those balmy summer evenings or potter away after a hectic day. Our customers say their unique grass covered balconies and roof terraces have also proven to be an added financial asset for their property.


Let your special event stand out from the rest by adding fake grass to it. Our experts can help you plan and identify the best applications for any indoor or outdoor events or even family gatherings. We have a wealth of experience in delivering the best design, service and products for any occasions.

With an exceptional and highly skilled installation teams on standby and a vast range of fake grass (View our Lushes Range or Our Emperors Range for a better idea of the offerings) – all meeting the highest health and safety standards – We can act quickly and efficiently to support any last minute instruction, delivering peace of mind to any event organiser.


It can be hard to find new ways to save money without impacting the children’s education. We think that a really simple way to not only save cash but to provide a stunnig yet safe experience for children is to install synthetic grass for schools. Synthetic grass is ideal for both outdoor and indoor spaces in schools, nurseries and play areas. The Artificial Grass Company product range provides a NO maintenance solution that looks great all year round. All of our synthetic grass product range are suitable for schools, however we do recommend our Lushes Play for its mid length pile and excellent price. There are a number of other great benefits fitting our synthetic grass in your school or nursery can offer:


Synthetic Grass can be used in commercial applications to help liven up working areas and add to the aesthetics of boardrooms, offices, staff rooms, studios and entrance ways.

The synthetic grass comes in carpet form and is easily cleaned with a standard vacuum. The synthetic grass can be installed or applied as a loose office mat. All synthetic grass types are used in the sports industry and are extremely durable. The client can also incorporate company logos and wording. We have a variety of artificial grass types ranging from a 5mm putting green like grass to a 35mm natural looking grass to choose from. Liven up your work space with some synthetic grass.


Soggy wet and muddy, or yellow-tinged, dry and patchy surfaces – UK garden lawns battle extreme weather patterns as a result of rising global temperatures. Our gardens require a lot of time, effort and care to maintain, principally because lawn care is so challenging and time consuming. Sustaining healthy, lush, cut-to-size grass is a battle for even the best of British gardeners. A fake lawn offers a year-round solution, as well as valuable maintenance savings for your pocket, your planet and your time.

Development in synthetic grass – offers exceptionally natural looking alternatives to real lawns. Fake grass takes away maintenance woes of garden lovers, while still delivering the perfect look lawn. Easigrass has even developed a product with flawlessly manicured stripes to give lawns the professionally mown appearance.

It lifts problem areas. Fake grass is an excellent way to brighten up and improve the aesthetics of small, shady areas where natural grass struggles to thrive. Balconies, terraces and pool areas all benefit in appearance with a touch of green.

Artificial turf is also extremely tough, durable and safe. That’s why it is such a popular choice for sport complexes and schools, and a blessing to parents and pet owners. You can let your child or pets play in the garden safe in the knowledge they will not be trailing mud back through the house or causing any damage to your lawn. Opt for a shock pad base to be fitted underneath the lawn, and you also add extra safety elements for children sports and playtime in your garden.


Firstly I was impressed from beginning to end. The rep suggested changes from what I’d set my heart on doing, and that proved to be spot on, when it came to the day of installation, the boys couldn’t have been more helpful and efficient in the way they worked, they also adapted to changed that needed to be made. Two months on, the grass looks as good as it did the day it was laid, and I wish we’d put it in years ago. I look out every day and see green… love it. Luke Johns

Parklands, Cape Town

Totally excellent service. I had to cancel installation a couple of times due to delays on other contractors working at our new home, but it was never a problem to Lushes Lawn (Now called The Artificial Grass Company). Admin was extremely helpful and the fitters were punctual, quick, friendly and efficient and worked very neatly. Final result looks great.

Daniel Peterse

Durbanville, Cape Town

Lushes Lawn and his team turned up on time and got to work immediately. Before I new it the old lawn was gone and they were preparing for the new. Quality of work is outstanding. The final product is a delight, we are so pleased we decided to take the plunge and invest in fake grass, it is like a new room in the house and we are outside much more now.

Leandra Fourie

Sunningdale, Cape Town


The Artificial Grass Company is an holistic distributor and service provider of Synthetic grass | Fake Grass in the Greater Cape Town area. Origianally started out as Lushes Lawn we rebranded in February 2018. With over 5 years’ experience in the industry, we have been at the forefront of developing artificial grass for a multitude of different purposes, ranging from residential synthetic grass, synthetic grass for offices, synthetic grass for putting greens, synthetic grass for soccer fields and artificial grass for play areas in and around the Cape Town Area.